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Bring your home to life with plinth lighting

Plinth lighting. It doesn't sound very exciting, does it? I'm also guessing many of you don't even know what it is.

Plinth lights are simply a set of little lights that are fitted into the kick boards, pelmets and cornices of your kitchen, your bathroom furniture, wooden floor or stairway. The sets of LED decking and plinth light kits we have here at First Choice Lighting are all rated IP67, which means they are also suitable for the great outdoors, as well as the great indoors.

So, with Grand Designs back on the television, and the winter nights drawing in, many of us are thinking about how we make our indoor spaces more inviting and brighter, and we think LED plinth lighting could be just the solution you looking for.

Using plinth lighting is an often overlooked mode of lighting your home, but it is a great value way to add a new dimension to your space giving it a modern update. Most commonly used in the kitchen, you can add plinth lighting at a low level fitted into the kitchen kick boards, giving a soft glow to your kitchen and instantly bringing more character. This set of 8 LED 30mm polycarbonate cool white plinth lights are the perfect example of how a great value product can pack a punch used in the right setting.

But you don't have to stop in the kitchen, plinth lighting can be placed into any wooden floor throughout the home or even staircases.

The IP67 rating means these lights are also perfect for the bathroom, and are a fresh way to update the space without breaking the budget. They look particularly swish along the bottom of a bath panel or placed into the flooring. You can space them out along the outside walls of a room, or make a bold statement and place them centrally along the floor. This set of 20 45mm cool white stainless steel LED plinth and decking lights will work well on a bathroom floor, adding both functional light and a stylish update to what is often a fairly functional space.

So now you know where they can go, you can start thinking about what kind of plinth lights would suit your home best and what you want to achieve with them, from a simple addition of brighter light, to framing a space, to making a feature stand out, you have lots of options. We have LED plinth light kits in various options and starting with size, kits have head diameters of 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 45mm or 60mm wide, giving you creative control over the size of light that will work best for your project. We also have different kits with varying quantities to meet your needs, ranging from 8 light heads for smaller spaces to sets of 30 light heads for larger projects. Our kits also come complete with all the necessary cables and plug in drivers, meaning you can concentrate how to fit the lights and following the instructions provided without worrying about extra purchases.

Once you have the location, the size and number of lights covered and decided upon, last on the list is colour choice. We have kits in four colour options: cool white, warm white, blue and, wait for it...colour changing!

Yes you read that right, we have colour changing LED plinth kits. These kits are the perfect choice for you if you like to choose colour based on how you are feeling at a particular moment in time. Perhaps you like to relax with a blue light in the evening after work, or have a funky pink to party at the weekend. With a colour changing kit, the choice is literally yours! All of our RGB colour changing kits come with a remote control, but the newest addition to our range is a WiFI enabled plinth and decking kit which is actually handled by WiFi on your smart phone, allowing you to change the colour on demand. The WiFi enabled set will even change colour to the beat of your music when played through the phone, really bringing your party to life!

So, for those of you who love technology and want greater control we have recently added a set of 10 round 30mm IP67 LED RBG colour changing plinth lights which are WiFI enabled and powered by Tuya. Tuya IoT (Internet of Things) solutions connect virtually any electronic device to the Internet for smart control and monitoring anywhere, anytime. This means you can manage your decking or plinth light kit using your phone or tablet. As long as the WiFi receiver on the kit is positioned within the range of the WiFi signal, you'll be good to go. This smart plinth and decking kit can also be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This is a clever way to light your home and change the feel of your environment in an instant!

If you are not quite ready for colour changing lights, our cool white, warm white and blue LED plinth and decking kits can create just as beautiful an effect in your home. And don't forget, these lighting kits can all be used outside in your garden to brighten your decking on dark winter nights!

You can view our full range of plinth and decking kits by clicking here or if you'd like any advice from our sales team, please call on 0203 137 8400 or email us at info@firstchoicelighting.co.uk