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​Coastal Chic – Achieve the Look

With holiday vibes upon us, the long days and warmer weather makes for fantasies of far off beaches, lapping waves and dreamy islands. We long for days spent basking in the sun with our loved ones and fruity cocktails in hand as we sail off into the cool evening sunset. You can have these summer feels all year round by bringing a touch of coastal chic into your home with just a few key additions.


The coastal chic look is identified mainly through colour. Predominantly navy blue and white, although all shades have been known to feature; from creams through to paler blue and even chrome. Vital to achieving the nautical look is to stick with two or three key shades of the colours and choose your accessories to match around them. Too many different types of blue for example can look cluttered and disorganised, taking away from the fresh, calming vibe we hope to capture. Metal and mirror accessories can be used to reflect the colour around a room and add to that crisp coastal feeling.

Our easy fit fisherman’s lamp ticks all the boxes for a coastal chic theme with its matte cream outer, white gloss inner and glass case enclosed in its metal casing.


Texture is your friend when deciding upon your furniture and accessories. Never before has the shabby chic look been so popular and seen as an acceptable choice for furniture. Distressed wood is very much in fashion from tables to picture frames and even in flooring, and the best part it, it is easy to do yourself.

Should upcycling your own furniture prove too difficult, texture can be introduced to the theme in even simpler ways.Cotton throws over your sofa, or linen cushions in a bright white or muted cream can top off your coastal chic theme with no diy skills required.

A touch of rope or metals reminds us of evenings spent at sea exploring ocean life as the sun sets around us. A nod to life at sea can be achieved by hanging our rope effect pendant in your chosen room.

The adjustable drop on the shade makes it suitable for hanging high, providing light over an entire room, or dropping down low for an intimate setting.


With your colours in place and textures chosen, a few key accessories is all you need to top off your theme. This is where you get to choose what reflects your personal style and while accessories will vary depending on your room, pieces featuring seashells, anchors and marine life will tie in your efforts seamlessly.

Our table lamp base featuring a school of fish can be complimented with a large drum shade in your choice of colour to finish off your serene coastal chic theme.

For further ideas on how to achieve the perfect coastal chic look, take a look on the First Choice Lighting website, or get in touch with the team to ask for our expert advice or suggestions at any time.