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​Create your ideal hallway

First impressions are said to be formed within the first few seconds of exposure. The impressions of your home will then largely be formed upon entry into your hallway. Do you want a cluttered dumping ground of chaos? Or a tasteful, tranquil safe haven to return to from your day’s work? Whether your hallway be a small porch or a grander entryway, the tone of your home can be created using these tips and tricks to transform the room you never knew you had.

Dramatic pendant

A well lit hallway is a requirement for those dark nights returning to your home and there is no need to sacrifice functionality for pizzazz with a dramatic pendant adorning your hallway.

This three tier ceiling chandelier can serve your hallway whatever its size and is easily fitted using your existing wires.

Umbrella / coat stand

Hallways are hot spots for clutter, a well known dumping ground which can be difficult to get control of, after all you do need somewhere to store your bits and pieces. A coat stand and shoe rack are vital to maintaining order in a busy household. They don’t have to take up a lot of space and every family member will be clear on where their belongings have to be stored. No excuses!


Effective use of scent exposes us to another one of our senses we use to determine the tone we want to set for our homes. Different smells can be used to remind us of times in the past or of different seasons and can be used to help dictate our moods. Scenting our homes with orange or lemon will convey a fresh, joyful tone, while cinnamon reminds us of Christmas. Lavender or sandalwood can be used to create a calming environment in our homes and can be ideal to use in your hallway when returning from the stresses of the day. Scented candles are the most obvious choice when creating atmosphere through scent, as well as diffusers, essential oils or a wax burner.

Armchair and table lamp

Should your space be large enough to accommodate it, a piece of furniture or two will always be a welcome addition to any hallway. The days of the telephone table are long gone, but a comfortable armchair and reading table can serve as a functional use of space, creating a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of the main part of the home. Unwinding in your comfortable chair as the evening settles in, a lamp will serve as a functional tool as well as a focal point for your hallway.

This traditional lamp stands boldly, bringing old world grandeur into the modern era with its three pronged acrylic table base. The tented finish on the shade allows for subtle illumination, creating an intimate and homely atmosphere for you to relax in.

For further ideas on how to create the ideal hallway for your home, take a look on the First Choice Lighting website, or get in touch with the team to ask for our expert advice or suggestions at any time.