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​Inspired by Nature – Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

Stepping into summer we start to feel inspired by nature. Sunny days are cause for celebration as we head out en masse to explore the great outdoors and discover what adventure awaits.

For human life to sustain, nature is essential. From it we get clean air, food and the raw ingredients required for building materials and even medicines. Many studies have been undertaken showing the quantifiable benefits nature gives us; in reducing our stress levels, improving our brain power and physical health. Surrounding ourselves in natural surroundings provides us with a calming restorative feeling, while also improving our mental health. In short, we could all do with a bit of the natural world in our lives to help increase our health and joy.

Leading our busy lives, it is often difficult to get out into nature as much as we would like, but there is a way to bring the outdoors in to your home with our outdoor inspired lighting.


Invite the joyful qualities of a chipper bird into your home with this birdcage table lamp.

The embodiment of spring, this charming table lamp features two birds nestled in a dark grey birdcage. Constructed from sturdy metal, it will endure many seasons and keep the anticipation of spring in your home throughout the year. This design is complimented by a matching easy fit light shade to complete the look.


Imagining yourself lounging in the sands of a tropical beach? Pineapples pack quite a punch and what better way to introduce a tropical feel into your home with this easy fit light shade.

Six layers of jewelled beads cascade from the antique brass coloured base to form an elegant focal point for your living room or bedroom. The man from Del Monte says yes.


Nature’s most colourful gift to us and known for their mood improving qualities; flowers bring a smile to everyone’s face. Spread the joy around your home with our floral inspired wall light.

The simple base is finished with clean polished chrome, allowing the intricate floral design to shine brightly with the glass flower lamps being the embodiment of the calm and tranquillity of nature. Placed in a hall or entry way, the lamp acts as a seamless transition from outdoors to indoors. An inviting environment for you home and a welcome addition to any nature inspired theme.


For that rugged back to nature feel, leaf effects are slowly weaving their way into textiles and accessories.

An intricate design of dragonflies and birds laced in a pattern of leaves adds a rustic yet romantic feel to your space in this antique brass table lamp. When illuminating a room, the pattern effects shine through the base which is finished in an antique brass.

For further ideas on how to bring that outdoor feeling into your home, take a look on the First Choice Lighting website, or get in touch with the team to ask for our expert advice or suggestions at any time.