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​Light your home the Danish way

Creating calming pools of light, combined with functional working spaces; the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ has been introduced to the rest of Europe over the last few years. At First Choice Lighting we have a range of products to help you achieve ‘hygge’ in your home and light your home the Danish way.

Hygge, pronounced hooga, has been described as a feeling of ‘cosiness’ ‘togetherness’ and ‘intimacy’. The ‘absence of annoyance and the unnecessary’ and ‘taking comfort from soothing things’. In short, it is a term which is difficult to describe and means different things to different people! It has been said that it is something which can be felt, rather than quantified by words.

The focal point of the hygge movement centres around the perfect lighting, which is seen as a revered art form in Denmark. In fact, the Danish word for spoil sport translates literally into ‘the thief of the light’. The average Dane consumes twice as much candle wax annually as they do bacon – who would have thought?

Muted pools of light around the room stage the ideal environment for optimal hygge and ideally candles would feature heavily. However, creating a functional space using only candles is not something that will work in most of our homes. Sure, we all love the glow of a candle, but from a fire safety perspective, it’s hardly ideal. The good news is that you can achieve this feeling with a few well-placed lights around a room.

For the perfect feeling of hygge, the lower the glare of the lamp the better. A lamp with a dimmer switch can be used on its own for reading, or turned down to compliment the atmosphere in the rest of the space.

The three touch dimmer feature on this floor lamp is the perfect introduction to Danish lighting. At its most powerful it is offers light to read by. Later in the evening it can be easily muted to stage a calming environment to relax in. Simple, clean lines offer a minimalist feel and the basic satin chrome effect is stylish enough to pass the test of time.

Pendant lighting can be hung at different lengths to cater for different family members or tasks that have to be undertaken.

This white pendant is adjustable in length, up to 2 meters, making it suitable for a wide range of rooms and functions. Soft lighting can be achieved with a dimmer switch and white is the ideal choice to create that simplistically Danish look.

To account for those times where a more functional light is required; this task light is the ebodiment of classically Danish design.

Again, we use the colour white to create the calming environment we crave, with a direct stream of light to allow you to focus on your work. As with all things hygge, this lamp is dimmable with a suitable dimmer switch, a feature rarely incorporated into task lighting.

For a more powerful statement, this bold lamp shade adds a sleek yet impactful feel to a room.

Ideally a centrepiece such as this would be complimented with a mirror close by in order to reflect light around the room. Softly dimmed light engulfing your space is the epitome of the emotional cosiness required for the perfect hygge.

For further Danish inspired ideas and inspiration, take a look at our First Choice Lighting website, or get in touch with the team to ask for our expert advice or suggestions at any time.