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​Modernise your Bathroom with Functional Spot Lighting

A sure fire way to add value to any home is to modernise the kitchen or the bathroom. With a new bathroom costing upwards of £3,000 for materials and installation, a simpler way is to bring it up to date with some functional and tasteful spot lighting. Spotlights can be used to provide directional lighting in the bathroom to increase visibility and focus on specific areas of your bathroom, giving a tired room a spruce up with very little outlay.

Bathroom lighting can be that little more complex than most and while we would always recommend seeking advice from a professional electrician, at First Choice Lighting we aim to arm you with all the information necessary to make the choices that best suit your needs. Each light fitting that is designed for use in an area where you would find water, such as bathrooms and kitchens comes with what is known as an IP (ingress protection) rating to give you an indication of the specific zones the light can be used.

The IP rating is split into two different sections to give a fitting a rating, for example IP44. The first number gives the rating of the product in terms of its protection in terms of solid objects, such as dust. The first number is rated from 1-6 with rating 1 offering protection only from objects larger than 50mm, with 6 at the other end of the spectrum offering a greater protection on solid objects up to and including small dust particles. The second number is the one which is most relevant in terms of bathroom lighting and this is the one that indicates the level of protection offered against water. This time it is rated from 1-8 with 1 offering limited protection against vertical droplets of water and 8 being able to remain waterproof when fully immersed in water for sustained periods of time. For a more detailed description of the IP ratings and what ratings are required for each area of the bathroom check out our comprehensive guide.

Chrome 3 Way Spotlight Plate IP44

This sleek and modern IP44 rated ceiling plate is perfect for a larger bathroom. With its high quality chrome finish, it will complement your bathroom while seamlessly blending in with the current design of the room. The opal glass bulb covers adds a contemporary touch to your space easily updating an existing bathroom. Each spotlight is fully adjustable to direct the lights to exactly where you find it most useful for your purpose.

IP44 Chrome 3 Way Light

With a similar design specification, this IP44 chrome and white ceiling light is an ideal addition to a smaller bathroom, that may not have the space to accommodate the larger ceiling bar. Again, each of the individual lights which give a warm diffused light can be adjusted to suit the needs of your family.

chrome finish IP44 bathroom wall light

With its semi flush mount, this polished chrome bathroom wall light is suitable for use in both smaller and larger bathrooms, taking up little space, while still packing a powerful punch with its bold chrome finish. An understated pull cord with chrome handle completes the look while ensuring the light is compliant with the safety regulations placed on bathroom lighting.

For further ideas on how to include spotlights in your bathroom, take a look on the First Choice Lighting website, or get in touch with the team to ask for our expert advice or suggestions at any time.