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​Perfect Lighting Solutions for a Functional Kitchen

For many busy families, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s often one of the more sociable areas of the home as families gather to prepare and eat meals together while catching up at the end of the day. Functional and adaptable lighting solutions are important to ensure each family member can achieve their desired tasks in the same area, while still maintaining that crisp, homely feel we want for our kitchens.

The breakfast bar or a kitchen island is often where much of the food preparation is done, therefore well directed lighting is required to complete any detailed tasks. This spotlight bar can stylishly integrate into your kitchen while still giving that functional lighting required for food preparation.

The matte white colour with the chrome trim is subtle, yet modern enough to be a welcome addition to any kitchen space.

Proudly showcase your finest china in a glass kitchen cabinet and finish the look off with our silver effect cabinet lighting. This three pack of counter lighting can be easily fitted yourself using the three pin plug, or hard wired by an electrician into your cabinets for a cleaner look. With the latter option, the set can be combined with a dimmer switch for a more subtle feel when required.

Similarly, you may wish to combine cabinet lights with some lighting for under your kitchen cabinets. These can be used instead of ceiling lighting to achieve that homely kitchen feel, or can be used to provide a direct light over more detailed kitchen counter tasks. These white lights are also available in a modern chrome style, and are easy to fit under any cabinet space.

Plinth lighting is also a feature seen more often in homes recently, primarily included in kitchen designs for their decorative effect. Plinth lighting involves small lights placed on the kick boards of the bottom of your kitchen cabinets to add a depth and ambiance to your kitchen. The majority of plinth lighting available is made up of LED lights, ensuring they are durable and energy efficient while still providing a stylish feature throughout your kitchen. A variety of plinth lighting can be found on our website here and much of our range is also suitable for use in the bathroom, entry ways and even outdoors. There are two main types, recessed lights that are embedded into your wall space and strip lighting which will sit flat against it. A quick chat with our experts in-store or online will help you identify which type of plinth lighting best meets your needs.

Finally, to top off your kitchen lighting solutions, a dramatic pedant or modern semi flush ceiling light over your dining table or centered in the kitchen ceiling will pave the way to shine light over the entire room. Style need not be compromised over function when you include our contemporary, multi arm ceiling light in your kitchen design.

The polished chrome and clear acrylic beads compliment the clean look your kitchen demands, while doubling as an artistic draw card.

For further ideas on how to achieve the perfect lighting solution for your kitchen, take a look on the First Choice Lighting website, or get in touch with the team to ask for our expert advice or suggestions at any time.