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Reading Lights - Everything You Need to Know

There’s nothing quite like curling up with a good book on a cold winter’s day. The problem is that the natural light levels are so low that you can unknowingly end up with eye strain. As the clouds come across and daylight fades, you find yourself squinting to see the text. The next thing you know, you’ve got a terrible headache, watery eyes and double vision. Of course, a good reading light can provide the perfect solution.

Why are some lamps better for reading than others?

33W Satin Chrome Floor Lamp With Touch 3 Stage Dimmer Switch

Reading lights have been specifically designed to direct light into your line of sight. While all lights illuminate an area, it’s the ability to adjust and direct the beam of reading lights that makes them so valuable. The point of focus is exactly where you need it. And some models, such as the Stin Chrome Floor Lamp With Touch 3 Stage Dimmer Switch, allow for optimum control over the level of light provided – very bright lights aren’t always comfortable. This means that one lamp can have multiple functions

Textured White Adjustable Floor Lamp

What do you need to consider before buying a reading lamp?

Firstly, where you wish to use it. For office or study use, for example, you might want to consider something like the Textured White Adjustable Floor Lamp. It’s sleek and stylish with a very small footprint – ideal where space is at a premium. And yet the head is fully adjustable, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you need it to be

Brushed Steel With Chrome 40w E14 3 Light Floor Lamp

The Brushed Steel with Chrome Floor Lamp, on the other hand, is multifunctional. The three heads can be directed to light up an entire room, making it an attractive addition to your décor (it’s also available with an antique brass effect finish, if that’s more in keeping with your tastes). But it can still be used as a single or double reading lamp. Or, with one head pointing away from the room, simply to create ambience – and prevent accidents on movie nights!

Chrome With Black Shade 60W E27 Double Insulated Adjustable Floor Light

If you live in an older home – built earlier than 1998 – that is not earthed, you may need to consider double-insulated lighting. It sounds slightly complicated, but there are plenty of choices open to you. This Chrome with Black Shade Double Insulated Adjustable Floor Light, for example, has a beautifully contemporary aesthetic. Its two-piece design with a bell-shaped shade would work in any modern home, or with retro-chic styling. And it will shed light on any subject.

Best bulbs for reading lamps

Which? has produced a really useful reading lamp light bulb guide. If you want to go into all the technical details, then it’s a valuable resource. However, the best advice that we can give is to go for what you find comfortable. Everyone’s eyesight is different, which means that everyone’s lighting requirements are too. This is why almost every parent will complain, at some point, that their child’s home is too dark!

Some lamps can only be used with specific bulb types. However, many others offer flexibility. If you choose a light like the Aged Brass Adjustable Floor Lamp, it has been designed for use with 100W E27 bulbs, but it can also be used with LEDs to reduce energy consumption. This is good news for both the environment and your pocket.

Aged Brass 100W E27 Adjustable Floor Lamp

The different colours of light produced by bulb types – from candlelight (1,500 Kelvin) to blue sky (10,000 Kelvin) – can also have an impact on various things. From the way you view your personal indoor world, to your mood and even how awake or relaxed you feel. Some manufacturers state that the cooler tones are better for concentration, while warm tones are better of reading to relax.

A good reading light can be a real boon to your home, adding style to your décor and enhancing your relaxation – or work – time. All you need to do is find the right light for you.