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​Shades, Bases & Bulbs: How to Create Your Perfect Lamp

Choosing a lamp shade and base that perfectly complements each other and your home isn’t the easiest of tasks. There are so many styles, sizes, materials and colours to choose from it can be daunting even for us! To remove the stress and ensure you choose the perfect pairing, follow our easy guide.

Choose The Perfect Lamp For Your Space

The first thing to consider is where you are going to position your lamp in order to determine the style and size, as well as the type of shade you require to help create your desired atmosphere. A small lamp on a large table or a very large lamp on a small table will make the lamp and table look disproportionate and furniture around it look wrong. Take a look at where you are going to put your lamp. Is it a big heavy table that can take a big heavy statement lamp and shade? Or is it a petite bedside table? That requires a lighter, more delicate style. Also take the type of shade into consideration - a semi translucent shade will give off a relaxing ambient light, while an opaque shade is more suited to decorative accent lighting.

https://www.pexels.com/photo/apartment-chair-clean-contemporary-279719/Shape & Size

To ensure your lamp base and shade are in perfect harmony, it is first important to ensure their shape and size compliment each other. The most common mistake people make is buying a shade that is too large for the table the lamp is intended for. A top tip is to choose a shade that has a diameter roughly equal to two-thirds of the height of the base up to the level of the bulb and the shade should be half and inch wider or more than the base for a balanced appearance. We also recommend matching the shape of your base and lamp.

Materials & Colours

Combing the right materials and colours is essential when choosing a lamp shade & base that perfectly complement each other. Silk and cotton lampshades that are rolled or ‘gathered’ with a pleated effect have a traditional feel and work best with a classic base.

Need something more contemporary? Rolled parchment lampshades give a clean look and compliment modernist or minimalist décor. Or, if you have a rustic, organic style, a linen shade with a base that has a natural finish will look wonderful.

When choosing colours be sure your new lamp is a color that works well with your room. Lamps are perfect for introducing a complementary color to your room. We recommend avoiding using all one colour for your lamps and choosing 2-3 colors, your main color and 1-2 complimentary colors.

Complementary Styles

It is, in fact, best if your lamps do not match. However, there are some do’s and don’ts. Don’t just mix random lamps, the best way is to mix styles that have something in common. Stick to one style or period for both base and shade and choose either a common shade, metal finish, color, or shape - each lamp will be different but has one key element alike.

Bulb Type & Light Colour

The bulbs you choose not only impact on your electricity bill and the environment but also the atmosphere and appearance of the room they illuminate. The wrong types of light can make your whole room look washed out and bland. Bulbs that give off a natural white light, show your rooms colors to their best advantage and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Modern style rooms in shades of white look good with a high wattage bulb that gives off a cool blue light. Dimmer switches are also a good option, as sometimes the right light can be wrong for the time of day or situation. To make a statement with the bulb itself, why not screw in a retro filament style LED bulb? Their warm light creates atmosphere and they add something special to the overall look.

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