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​Tiffany Style Lighting – All You Need To Know

The Tiffany style lamp is a look that is classic and timeless. The popular coloured glass shades embodied in the Tiffany lamp, have stood the test of time, and while an original can set you back upwards of £4,000, many versions are now available at a fraction of the cost while still providing that elegant look you hope to achieve.

So where and when did the Tiffany lamp burst onto the scene? The first commercially produced lamp was introduced by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1895. Louis was the son of the founder of the Tiffany Jewellers and before he joined his father’s company, he had many years’ experience in producing stained glass windows and a range of art nouveau interiors. He was known as a leader in his field and was commissioned to create sophisticated interiors for many well respected New Yorkers at the height of his career. He worked for the company for more than forty years and the lamps he carefully created over 100 years ago are still very much sought after today.

Original styles can command in excess of £1 million at auction today, with one lamp being sold for £2.8 million in 1997. This, of course, has led to a substantial market for replicas and copies in the style of the original designs. However there are some key details to look out for to help you tell the difference. Firstly, the glass used in the production of the lamps tended to have flaws in it, so you could expect to see flecks in the glass when held to the light. Additionally, original lamps had the colour embedded within the glass, rather than newer ones which tend to be painted on. Another key sign that the lamp is an original is that it should have a patina formed over the base. A patina is a film that is caused by oxidation over the years and would be present on the bronze bases used in original Tiffany lamps – recent versions have bases constructed from resin rather than the bronze originals.

It is said that for every original Tiffany lamp around today, there is one replica lamp being passed off as a genuine design and thousands of pound are being exchanged for the privilege. However, there are many options available to you in the traditional Tiffany style that achieve that iconic look at a fraction of the cost:

Standing proudly, this tiffany floor lamp can draw the eye as easily as a sculpture or painting, bringing an old world glamour to your space.

This conical shaped glass dome table lamp typifies the recognisable Tiffany designs of a bygone era. As technology moved forward, Tiffany replaced his usual turn paddle switch with the pull cord represented in this stand out piece.

A tasteful Tiffany uplight can brighten a drab entry way or lounge space. The sharper edges in this contemporary design give a modern twist to the classic Tiffany design, bringing the traditional design into the modern age.

And all for less than £2.8 million!

For further ideas to achieve the Tiffany look in your home, take a look on the First Choice Lighting website, or get in touch with the team to ask for our expert advice or suggestions at any time.

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