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Touch Lamps: ​You Can Touch This

Once upon a time, reading the latest fiction thriller while tucked up in bed would have involved squinting through candlelight. Progress on this meant your gothic literature binge could be fuelled by oil or gas light—brighter, and longer lasting, but wall-staining, odour creating and most often, toxic-fume-generating.

Just some minor drawbacks then.

Fast forward and not only have we the luxury of easily seeing our bedtime reading whilst not dying, but we have bulb choices; the invention of LED bulbs which stay cool to the touch and kind to the environment; in-line switches so we don’t have to stretch to the plug point; and even better—lamps that go on and off, get brighter or duller, with just one touch.

The humble touch lamp has become less of a novelty, more an expectation—to the point that, believe it or not, it’s an adjustment to go back to the more archaic in-line on/off switch once the pure ease and pleasure of a touch lamp has been experienced. I for one, have found myself on more than one occasion vigorously tapping lamp bases, with a sense of disappointment that they don’t respond to my mere touch. No jokes here please.

So what’s on trend in 2019 in the world of touch lamps? We’ve rounded up some ideas based on value and style, starting with the ultra-modern, sleek and classy Jemima satin nickel and opal glass touch lamp.

The versatile option

With a simple elegance yet innate funkiness, this lamp looks great amidst varying interior contexts—from minimalist scandi-chic, to futuristic, to art deco. It comes in at a price that certainly won’t break the bank, and has 3 dimmer settings to choose from.

You can also choose the same style with an alternative antique brass or black chrome base.

The pretty option

If you’re looking for something with a little more wow factor, then this beautiful, eye-catching chrome and crystal globe touch lamp might just do the trick.Its delicate, acrylic crystals refract light in such a pretty, mesmerising way, you might never want to turn it off. But with its contemporary chrome finish, it happens to look as good switched off as on.

As previously, this little globe has a 3 stage dimmer, so with just a tap to its base you can set the amount of light it emits to match your mood appropriately.

It’s perfect for lighting up dull corners at bedsides, next to sofas, or even as a striking coffee-table centrepiece.

The On-Trend Option

It’s still all about copper this season and this twin set of copper touch lamps doesn’t disappoint with its twenty-first century industrial twist.

This duo team matte black fabric shades with shiny copper bases—and look stunning paired on either side of the bed. Let them work their true, stylistic magic when combined with other bold, industrial textures like timber and unrefined metals in open, minimalistic spaces.

The Traditional Option

Looking to bring fresh, modern tones to a traditionally-decorated interior? Try pairing this set of matching antique brass touch table lamps on either side of a sofa or bed to create stylish symmetry and balance.

While the elegant brass base and ivory shades of these lamps firmly nods to tradition, the playful, simplistic curves of the metal add a cool, contemporary edge to any room.

With a simple tap, you have the option of 3 kinds of brightness and the ability to turn on or off. What’s more, if antique brass isn’t the finish for you, this set is also available with a satin nickel, brushed chrome base.

Feeling inspired? Have a look at our full selection of touch lamps at First Choice Lighting—just one tap and you’re there.