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​Transform your home in an instant using easy fit shades

With all the Christmas bills out the way and the cleaning done and dusted, Spring can be the ideal time to shake up your home interior.

Rather than call in the painters and deal with the ensuing upheaval, easy fit light shades combined with a few well purchased accessories prove a cost-effective way to instantly update any space in the home.

Even those amongst us with the bare basic diy skills will confidently overhaul a room with an easy fit light shade, using the existing ceiling flex without the need for any rewiring.

Kids’ bedrooms

If you have children at home, you’ll find your child’s style will grow and develop over time, often to the detriment of your wallet. A seemingly never ending list of requests will lead to you being more creative with how you meet their demands.

An efficient way to update their bedroom and allow them to express their style is letting them choose their own light shade to add their own personal touch to their space. A much better idea than the posters many of us proudly garnished our rooms with as youngsters, while our own parents grimaced thinking of the resultant damage to the walls.

A simple and cost efficient option, this bright and funky ceiling shade features 24 strands of dangling acrylic disks, creating an interesting focal point for the room.

If the red and white doesn’t align with your team colours, the same shade is also available in blue and white, perfect for football fanatics.

For those who prefer something a little more glamourous, then this similar heart styled shade uses a cascade of pink and purple hearts to create a effortless and fun centerpiece.


The often touted hub of the home, the kitchen is a space that requires both functionality and style.

A traditional fisherman’s style lamp juxtaposed with the on-trend copper tones seen in this easy fit shade will cast an inviting glow over your kitchen.

Attach to your existing or a new ceiling light flex and you can ensure the drop fits perfectly for your space, ensuring it a practical addition to any sized kitchen.


The bedroom should be our haven of tranquility to which we retreat to relax while we leave the stresses of the day behind.

The luxurious acrylic droplets adorning this silver grey drum shade reflect the light, giving your sanctuary that glamourous touch you deserve. If the silver doesn’t float your boat, this easy fit shade is available in pale gold, and is complimented by a free standing floor lamp.

Dining room

Make a big impact at your next dinner party by transforming your dining room with this opulent ribbon statement ceiling light.

Copper toned acrylic curls reflect flashes of light around the room providing a contemporary, sophisticated feel to your entertaining. Any mishaps in the kitchen will be easily forgotten as this artistic centerpiece impresses your guests.

Living room

Revamp your living space instantaneously by introducing a chic focal point in the form of this classic ceiling shade. Commanding attention with its sleek brushed gold details and clear drops, you can have this beauty lighting up your room within minutes

With dimmable properties when fitted to a dimmable ceiling light flex, this shade gives a soft wash of light for a calming space in addition to providing functional lighting when required.

For further ideas on how to easily transform your home in an instant, take a look at our easy fit shades section on the First Choice Lighting website, or get in touch with the team to ask for our expert advice or suggestions at any time.