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​Winter Warmers: Interior Ideas for a Cosy Winter Home

Winter, the season of goodwill, good tidings and a good number of visitors coming and going. There is however, still plenty time before the silly season descends upon us to update our home interiors to create a cosy winter home for welcoming all our guests.

Whether it be a spacious hallway or a small porch, your entry way creates the first impression of your home and upon stepping inside, the tone will be set by how you have styled your hallway. Discrete changes between seasons will lend itself to creating your ideal winter home. For example, the pumpkin spiced scent you had burning throughout the Autumn months can be replaced with something more festive, such as cranberry, clove or clementine.

Your entry way is also the ideal place to bring a touch of the outdoors inside with some themed interiors. While antler designs are a bold choice for winter, fox and owl themed interiors are very on trend currently and can be subtly integrated into your home.

Our ceramic owl base lamp is paired with a crisp white faux suede shade providing texture to the piece with a shiny chrome riser connecting them. A perfect addition to give your entry way a touch of nature within the cosy confines of your home.

Finish off your entry way with placing a heavy draught excluder at the foot of the door to stop any heat from escaping outside.

Traditionally the transition into the winter months meant preparing your living room for the colder weather. With central heating systems being common place today, this tradition isn’t quite as prevalent as it has been, however we can still learn a lot from it when it comes to making your living space cosy.

While homes are generally much warmer nowadays, heat can still escape through the floors and the windows. This makes winter the ideal time to add in a rug to your living room and replace your existing curtains for heavier drapes designed to keep to the heat contained in your home. At the end of the season, these items can be stored away for the following year.

For those of us with a traditional log fire, coming into winter is the ideal time to ensure everything is still in working order. The popping and crackling of a real log fire is the embodiment of the festive season so it is vital that your fire is clean and clear from any debris before it is brought back into action. A more modern fireplace can be spruced up for the winter months with some winter ferns placed on top of the mantle piece, again bringing the outdoors into your home.

This white wood tripod lamp gives an alpine cabin feel to our space in addition to recreating the outdoor feeling we often miss in the cooler months. The painted wood and pale shade invoke a feeling of calm with the tripod style being interesting enough to draw the eye without dominating a room.

Similar to switching out your textiles in the living room, the same can be done in the bedrooms over the winter. A heavier duvet for winter combined with some additional pillows and throws in different textures will work wonders in creating a cosy winter environment.

Low and subtle lighting embodies the snug mellow tone we aim for in the winter months and the large drum on our Sava table lamp, paired with a softer bulb can achieve that feeling in your bedroom. The modern ombre feature in the base will modernise any room with the crackle effect glass reminiscent of the frosty world outside your window.

For further ideas on how to use lighting to create a cosy winter home, take a look on the First Choice Lighting website, or get in touch with the team to ask for our expert advice or suggestions at any time.